2nd Post

Hey, so glad to see you today! I forgot to add the second best site on the list. Can’t believe I let BitVisitor slip my mind. Second best, down from EarnFreeBits. We’ll anyway, we have a couple of new links added today, so enjoy your free money! If you want to drop me a nanobit, donation address is listed at the bottom.



EarnFreeBit – By far, the first stop I recommend.  Easy to use and straight forward. It pays quickly after you view the webpage, so definitely check this one out. Moderate time on each page required.

BitVisitor – Stop #2 on my list of recommendations.  Good sites shown with good payouts. You can find a lot of resources through the pages shown. 5:00 minute average time per page.

CoinVisitor –  My 3rd stop is always CoinVisitor.  It features a fast, and dare I say fun way of doing captchas. Good page links too can help you earn additional Bitcoin. 15 Second average time per page.

Bitcoin4You – This can be kind of hit or miss, but pays everyday. Beware, as it will give you some NSFW content. Usually has a fair number of pages per day. 3:00 minute average time per page.

CoinReaper – This site’s best feature is the fast speed with which you can pass through the content. Beware, NSFW stuff could appear.


BitCoiner – You only get a Once per Day payout, but the timer is reasonably accurate. Wham, Bam, Here’s Your Bitcoin, Ma’am.

BitHits – Once per Day, but with some intrusive ads.

CoinTicket – Once per Day, Can be a while between payouts.

BitcoinPlus – A webpage based bitcoin miner. I’d recommend using a mining pool instead, like Slush’s or Deepbit listed below.

CoinAd – Ad supported, Once per Day payout. You can register for an hourly prize.

CoinTube – Watch videos, earn small amounts of BTC. Thankfully, the mute button works great.

BitcoinGet – Has an embedded version of CoinTube that tracks your earnings, plus survey and simple webwork. The webwork is kind of us wash. Sometimes, you can find easy ones that pay great. But most are a pain in the ass. Some NSFW webwork is available, if that’s your thing.

BitcoinBunnyRun – Once per Day, pick your bunny and hope for the best. I never get above 3rd.

BitCrate – Break the crates for BTC. Unfortunately, this often times runs out of Bitcoin quickly, but they have a Twitter account you can follow that updates you when it is loaded.


Blockchain – is the go to source for verifying blocks, and also houses a great wallet. The wallet is useful because it shows the current conversion rate of your fiat (paper) currency.

Slush’s Bitcoin Mining Pool – There are tons of pools, but Slush’s is well known and popular. Distributed Bitcoin Mining, with income based on shares.

Deepbit Mining Pool – Much like Slush’s, but presented for some modicum of fairness. Like I said above, plenty of pools to be found.

Reddit: Bitcoin – The world’s greatest internet forum for all things Bitcoin. If you aren’t on Reddit, then your 2 days behind everything.

Mt. Gox – The worlds most popular marketplace for Bitcoin. Great for charts, current prices, etc.

If this blog helps you, consider dropping some spare change.

  1. Anthony said:

    I was going to say, Bitvisitor is what brought me here!

    • qaide said:

      Bitvisitor is great! The owner is a groovy dude as well. Still, nothing beats EarnFreeBit in my opinion since they payout so fast after completion.

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