13th Post


ABitBack working great and paying out!

EarnFreeBit is Back up!

CoinVisitor is paying out again, but some site issues.

Greeting fellow internet souls, fine purveyors of crypto-currency, and revolutionaries like myself in the fight for free money. Free Money sounds like a lie. After all, each of us should be well schooled in the fact that there is no free lunch.

But Bitcoin is different. Clearly, it isn’t free as in “free beer” when the price reached $225/BTC about an hour before posting this. Bitcoin is FREE in the sense of Freedom. Bitcoin represents Freedom from banks, governments, and money changers who would rob us blind. See my Commentary for some backing to my wild claims.

I want to congratulate ABitBack on its return to the Top 3, at #2. It has been paying out, in huge amounts for some of the surveys. I noticed someone earned .013 just an hour ago. It switches spots with BitBucks, dropping to #5 due to severely reduced payouts. I know a lot of that is simply do to the meteoric rise of Bitcoin, but ABitBack has really pulled through and managed to take the lead of all survey sites. Issues with payouts at CoinURL are being resolved as I type this post. I have been in touch with the Admin and confirmed payouts are going out. If you run a website, I highly recommend them. They are one of the easiest advertisers I have ever dealt with.

Anyone who buys this handsome teddy bear is gleefully welcomed into the super secret, elite subscribers club. We have a handshake. Honest.

Ok, now on to what you all came for… Links! More to come later today.

 Please consider a kind donation to this blog, just drop a few at:

Questions, Comments, Love Letters? Drop me a line at bestbitcoinsites@gmail.com 

 – W


All Time High – A nifty site for tracking the most recent all-time high in Bitcoin. Pulls from multiple sources and you can choose your fiat currency of choice.

Bitcoin Socially –  I have heard this site is giving away Bitcoin to users for using its platform. I don’t care much for social media, except for Twitter. I love Twitter.

CoinTapperAn App for Android devices that gives you bitcoin once per day. Not yet paid out, but perhaps someone else can confirm for me.

GetBitcoin.info – A great reference site with charts that delights my inner nerd. Maybe yours too.

BitcoinAR – A new faucet, either weekly or multi-day. Not yet sure, and not yet paid. But, I figured that you all kind people would want in before the timer runs out.

BitcoinSurvey – A new Survey site. These aren’t my favorites, I much more fond of the webpages. But still, I know how much a lot of you like these.

BitMit – Ebay for Bitcoins. Tons of stuff posted. Very easy to use site.

BitSprinkle – Is a twitter account that has been known to be very generous with his Bitcoin. You should go makes friends. You can follow Me too if you want.

BitStamp – A service simliar to Mt. Gox, which allows for Fiat <–> Bitcoin transactions. I have had a good look around the site, and I feel comfortable posting it as a regular link. They are the ones with this nifty bitcoin explanation.

BitVegas – If you have Minecraft, you need to check it out. Black Jack, Roulette, Minesweeper, and Pig Races. Oh, the glorious pig races. Sweet Penelope, my how you rob me. Gives you .03 BTC over time to gamble with for free.

Easycoin – New site similar to Bitvisitor and Earnfreebits. I haven’t had a lot of time to test it, so be sure to leave a review. I can see this getting up to top 1 or 2 very soon. I have heard rumors the Chatroom pays you BTC to talk to people. I don’t know for sure.

ListentoBitcoin – Words cannot describe the utility of this site. Both interesting and delightful.

Bitbiz – A new daily faucet. I haven’t yet verified but I know everyone loves to test them. 🙂

Google Drive Wallet – A nifty tool for keeping track of your balances. Export your own copy.

Bitcoin National Subreddits – A nifty and updated list of the countries with their own subreddits for Bitcoin. Useful for talking with your neighbors, and of course spreading the word about your favorite blog.

Papercoin –  This site is giving away .0007 bitcoins on Mt. Gox. Be careful about putting your bitcoins in a QR though, just fair warning.

Bitcoin Addict – New daily faucet with large jackpots of .01 BTC. Worth a visit of time.

BTC Mining Calc. – A great tool for miners to calculate expected returns and time investments.

Bit Raffle – A raffle for bitcoin. I can’t really recommend this, but it might be your thing. Let us know how it turns out.

Coin Love Chest – A site that gives you Bitcoin in exchange for spreading the word on social media. Not yet tested, but intend to soon.

Negocoin – A craigslist style classifieds for Bitcoin. They are giving away some BTC in exchange for posting an ad.

Karma Exchange – Exchange your Reddit Karma for Bitcoin, .002 + your Karma score. Or some calculation roughly there abouts.

Bitdonator – A new Faucet. Not yet paid out for me. Good Luck!

CoinPost – A useful site similar to Ebay for Bitcoin.

OKCupid – Dating site, one of the most popular in the world, now accepts Bitcoin.

CoinURL – Great if you want to advertise your site, or earn a little BTC for your blog.

Quick Coin Lookup – It’s like a mini-facebook page for your BTC address!

Be sure to bookmark and spread the word.



BitVisitor #1 – Good sites shown with good payouts. You can find a lot of resources through the pages shown. 5:00 minute average time per page. This is the #1 link because of the number of pages you can visit.

ABitBack #2 – Complete Surveys (I did a 5 minute one on beer that paid .0047BTC), Watch Videos for very decent amounts of Bitcoin. Payout in BTC, Steam, Amazon, etc. A phone number may be required for verification. In my opinion, pays out large amounts of Bitcoin more reliably than any other.

EarnFreeBit #3 – Easy to use and straight forward. It pays quickly after you view the webpage, so definitely check this one out. 3 Min. per page required. This often gets up to a #1 spot when it carries a lot of ads. When it does, I try to hard to let you all know.

CoinVisitor#4 – A great site, one that has a captcha you can do without using a kepyboard! Plus, the nice dark theme fits right in for night owls. This should have been up here sooner. Also, Chatroom!

BitBucks#5 – A New offers site with a slick interface. Easy to use, and the website just doesn’t annoy you. Absolutely worth checking out. This is the #2 site because of the large payouts that can be found.

Bitcoin4You – WARNING – Some users reporting issues. This can be kind of hit or miss, but pays everyday. Beware, as it will give you some NSFW content. Usually has a fair number of pages per day. 3:00 minute average time per page.

CoinReaper – This site’s best feature is the fast speed with which you can pass through the content. Beware, NSFW stuff could appear.


BitHits – Once per Day, free Bitcoin faucet. Also has good links to other sites. As far as 1/day faucets go, this one is worth that daily trip.

BitcoinAdSmart  – This site has ads yo, but be smart and check it out once a day. The neatest feature of this site is it tells you how far away the next payout is. Check it out.

FreeBitcoins4Me  – Once per day punch in, Pays out multiple days at once.

NetLookup  – Free Bitcoins, and super fast. Enter your credentials once, then simply visit the page to earn your Bitcoins. Nice, clean layout. Wish more could be like this.

BitCoiner – You only get a Once per Day payout, but the timer is reasonably accurate. Wham, Bam, Here’s Your Bitcoin, Ma’am

iWantFreeBitcoins – Once per day bitcoin faucet. Get your name on enough of these, and it starts to add up fast.

CoinTicket – Once per Day, Can be a while between payouts.

FreeCoins  – A new site with a faucet type pay out. Not yet confirmed payouts for me, if anyone else has gotten confirmed, please drop a comment with proof and ill donate.

CoinAd – Ad supported, Once per Day payout. You can register for an hourly prize plus jump in on the Chat room, a good spot for up-to-the minute BTC news. You can get some fast paying survey work that pays pretty well.

OmniCoins – This one requires Facebook. Go to their page on Facebook, post your address. Acquire Bitcoin.

DailyBTC.org  – Somehow I forgot to bookmark this link, but it should have been with the first post. You can recieve EXTRA credits for free on Peerbet.

CoinTube – Watch videos, earn small amounts of BTC. Thankfully, the mute button works great. Usually plenty of videos to watch.

BitcoinGet – Has an embedded version of CoinTube that tracks your earnings, plus survey and simple webwork. The webwork is kind of us wash. Sometimes, you can find easy ones that pay great. But most are a pain in the ass. Some NSFW webwork is available, if that’s your thing.

Bitstreet Faucet – Not yet tested, but discovered and wanted to get it out there. Any user feedback would be generously appreciated.

Bitstart – Another Faucet, with a built in advertising page a la Bitcoin Gem (I don’t link to the ponzi games). I like this site but it hasn’t paid out for me, yet. Take a look at the advertising though, its a no-lose-situation apparently.

FreeDigitalMoney – Another Faucet, but with confirmed payouts. Highly recommended.

Tagpad – This is a social sharing site with Bitcoins built in. Supposedly, they give you coin for sharing your sites, but I haven’t been paid and I’ve been subscribed for over a week.

ElBitcoinGratis  – En Español. El Bitcoins, Bitcoins de forma gratuita, todos los días. Bitcoins for free, once per day.

BitcoinBunnyRun – Once per Day, pick your bunny and hope for the best. I never get above 3rd.

BitCrate – Break the crates for BTC. Unfortunately, this often times runs out of Bitcoin quickly, but they have a Twitter account you can follow that updates you when it is loaded.

Rugutu – Ask Questions, Answer Questions. Get paid in Bitcoin. Great community.

Minecraft Faucet –  Get Paid to play minecraft. Any user reviews would be appreciated.

Jobs4Bitcoins – Subreddit for turning your skills into BTC.


Blockchain – is the go to source for verifying blocks, and also houses a great wallet. The wallet is useful because it shows the current conversion rate of your fiat (paper) currency.

Slush’s Bitcoin Mining Pool – There are tons of pools, but Slush’s is well known and popular. Distributed Bitcoin Mining, with income based on shares.

Deepbit Mining Pool – Much like Slush’s, but presented for some modicum of fairness. Like I said above, plenty of pools to be found.

Havelock Investments – Invest your hard earned bitcoin. Buy shares of mining pools, or even Satoshi.

Zerohedge  – One of the best sites on the web for Bitcoin news and analysis. Great general economic and political news.

BitVegas – Gambling isn’t really my thing, but Minecraft is. Minimum bet is .001BTC, but I don’t have much experience with it. Anyone with a good user review can earn a donation.

Preev – A quick, fast bitcoin converter. Loads fast and easy to change to your currency of choice.

BitcoinLive  – A sweet  Google Chrome extension that gives you an icon on browser to view the page, and can be set up to give you notification of price changes.

Reddit: Bitcoin – The world’s greatest internet forum for all things Bitcoin. If you aren’t on Reddit, then your 2 days behind everything.

Mt. Gox – The worlds most popular marketplace for Bitcoin. Great for charts, current prices, etc.

BitBin  – A convienent place to post your pastes, and earn Bitcoin for your content.

Jagoo  – Supposedly, you can buy bitcoin giftcards for redemption on other sites. Anyone with proof of this sites reputability will get a donation from me.

SatoshiCircle – Gambling site that does give aways all the time on Reddit. Check them out here

Danish Bitcoin /r/ – New Subreddit for Danish Bitcoin users. I get a fair number of visitors from Denmark, so I wanted to post this. Be sure to give me a shout-out for me there.

Games for Bitcoin /r/ – Subreddit for buying Steam Accounts, WoW Accounts, Eve stuff. (Why have a game harder than your job? Why?)

If this blog helps you, consider dropping some spare change.

  1. jules brown said:

    Bitcoins4you definitely does not pay out once a day…..if ever…..I can prove that very easily…..
    same with Coinvisitor……I asked for a payout a week ago…..and nothing……both have turned into a scam site, without ever paying out anything……they both show a running total of what you earned…..but no payouts…..both should be removed from your listing….

    • qaide said:

      I am considering removing Bitcoins4you, but CoinVisitor definately pays. They are going through some site upgrades which I posted about yesterday, but I have been in touch with some of the Admins and it will be resolved soon. Definitely not removing them until I am certain the issues won’t be fixed, overall they have been great for the readers.

      Also, its a good idea to keep in mind that the rapid appreciation of bitcoins has made it harder for the admins to acquire them. Doubltlessly, I will have to remove *some* of the sites I’ve listed due to non-payment. Easyco.in is likely to be one as well.

      • jules brown said:

        Ok and thanks for your reply….only thing I can say about Coinvisitor is that about 1 week ago I asked for a cash out which at the time was about 38-40 000 points…..and they have definitely not paid that yet….now I have another 68 000 points accumulated since then…..and I will ask for a payout today…..see what happens I guess…..
        the reason I am sure of non payment by both Coinvisitor and Bitcoins4you is that after Instawallet went down I opened another one ……and my total there is less then what I cashed out from Coinvisitor a week ago…..
        as far as Bitcoins4you goes they have not payed in a very long time…..never mind paying daily as you say by their name….even before Instawallet bit the dust I had accumulated 189 000 points with them already without a payout from them….which took me well over a week’s worth of time to gather……now with the new wallet I am up to 53 000 points with them showing….but again it took me about 3-4 days to get that….so there is definately no daily payout with them!!!
        maybe a while back they were doing things straight….but not anymore….
        anyhow thanks for your site and efforts….

      • qaide said:

        The people who run these sites were probably as caught off guard as everyone else when the price went parabolic the last 3 weeks. That so many are still running well, BitCrate for example added new coins today but they are already out. Abitback is my recommendation

  2. phil said:

    Coinvistor.com and earnfreebitcoins.com are experiencing server problem which are offline (according to their’s website)

    About chat feature on easybitco.in, since to earn easycoins for viewing videos, yes we also earn those by spending time on chat which being added to our overall total!

    Donation based on my review is appreciated:

  3. Phil said:

    This is in regard to first update of post 13:

    earnfreebitcoins.com is back on. Howerver, coinvisitor server is parked!


    • qaide said:

      I just got a payout from CoinVisitor today, so they are making progress.

  4. jules brown said:

    As far as Bitcoin4you goes I emailed them now the second time asking if I can get a payout of the 189 000 I had accumulated that was slated to go to an Instawallet address….which is defunct now…..they still show it as not paid out….by now it has to be about 3 weeks old….
    I want it to go to another wallet…..but I am not holding my breath….they never answered my first attempt to contact them…
    and now they are holding about 59 000 that is due to go to another wallet…..and that payout is overdue by well over a week also…..I do not believe these people are paying out at any time….

  5. jules brown said:

    And I see that Coinvisitor is back online…however the captchas don’t open up…maybe you can let them know about that….

  6. Phil said:

    Well, I just got on coinvistor and captchas work! Perhaps, you got on right after updates being done!


  7. Phil said:

    Very important update!!

    instawallet’s refund claim is in progress:

    Your former wallet link is need and be sure you know it!

    Refunds starts on July 1, 2013

    If you like this, a donation will be appreciated: 17YatRuTzSpq7eRz2c5EZeFy5B5U82Xt9R

    • qaide said:

      Ill put this in the headline for the post later tonight.

      • Phil said:

        Great! Add in the headline that instawallet links are not to be shared after making claim though!

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