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UpdateMrs. W here, sorry I didn’t update sooner. Enjoy the new links. I will update again soon with some other neat bitcoin sites that are more time consuming but worth it. 

A special thank you goes out to cryptonaut for the post on reddit!

ABitBack – The place to go if you want to get paid to listen to music.

Hello, hope wherever you are reading this post from it’s a wonderful day for you.

I will start this post off with some great one hour/daily bitcoin sites I found.  The list will be update thought out the day  when I’m having down time, so check back often to see what has been added.

Daily Bitcoins – simple bitcoin site, can delay payment  to minimize transaction fees.

Hartcode – cast your vote for the wallpaper of the day and earn bitcoins.

Bitcoin Addict – Free bitcoins with the chance of winning a jackpot.

CoinAd–  a great website for earning bitcoin. It’s a paid to click website, but it’s simple and easy.

Bitcrate– break a crate and win bitcoins, it’s available to play every 24 hours.

Get Free Bitcoins Daily – a bitcoin faucet with the chance to earn more bitcoins daily with a referral system.

BitcoinForest – enter you bitcoin address, complete the captcha and earn free bitcoins, you can earn more free bitcoins for completing surveys. – bitcoins that grows on trees once per day. – payout is once per week, enter your bitcoin address every hour.

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Lots of Fun happening over at this place. Get paid to chat with other BTC enthusiasts!

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Also, I found this link that Mrs. W missed. Check it out.


Howdy bitcoin folks. My husband runs this blog, but because of his work I will be doing some posts here and there, so bear with me. The layout of mine will be different than what you are used to seeing.   I am a sucker for those faucet sites and here are some of the best ones I have found:

30 Minutes

Virtual Faucet – a clean designed site for free bitcoins

BTC Mine – not a mining site, a basic faucet site.

canhavebitcoin – the site will remind you of the late 90s , very flashy but good.

SrBitcoin – Spanish site, very easy to use, even if Spanish is not your language.

nioctbi – a nice faucet site designed with information and filled with tutorials for beginners.

El Bitcoin Gratis – another very to use Spanish faucet site.

GreenCoins– a nice and green site for getting bitcoins, I like the fresh and clean layout of this site the best.

Raw Bitcoins– a simple bitcoin site with starter information for beginners.

Thanks to laslas here are some more great bitcoin sites to use. /

Thanks for reading 🙂  I will make another post of some of my favorite one hour bitcoins sites.

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