22nd Post- Guest.

UpdateMrs. W here, sorry I didn’t update sooner. Enjoy the new links. I will update again soon with some other neat bitcoin sites that are more time consuming but worth it. 

A special thank you goes out to cryptonaut for the post on reddit!

ABitBack – The place to go if you want to get paid to listen to music.

Hello, hope wherever you are reading this post from it’s a wonderful day for you.

I will start this post off with some great one hour/daily bitcoin sites I found.  The list will be update thought out the day  when I’m having down time, so check back often to see what has been added.

Daily Bitcoins – simple bitcoin site, can delay payment  to minimize transaction fees.

Hartcode – cast your vote for the wallpaper of the day and earn bitcoins.

Bitcoin Addict – Free bitcoins with the chance of winning a jackpot.

CoinAd–  a great website for earning bitcoin. It’s a paid to click website, but it’s simple and easy.

Bitcrate– break a crate and win bitcoins, it’s available to play every 24 hours.

Get Free Bitcoins Daily – a bitcoin faucet with the chance to earn more bitcoins daily with a referral system.

BitcoinForest – enter you bitcoin address, complete the captcha and earn free bitcoins, you can earn more free bitcoins for completing surveys.

Bitcointree.net – bitcoins that grows on trees once per day.

Redcoins.co – payout is once per week, enter your bitcoin address every hour.

–This is Mr. W.

Lots of Fun happening over at this place. Get paid to chat with other BTC enthusiasts!

Have a Blog? Looking for more traffic? Part of our 1.5 Million hits this year has been thanks to These Guys.

Also, I found this link that Mrs. W missed. Check it out.

  1. John Faunsworth said:

    Coinchat and it’s wallet system Inputs.io are utter crap and go against all bitcoin is supposed to be about. It was a sad day for me to see links there posted on your page.

    • qaide said:

      I was having an issue with it earlier. I tend to agree with you that it needs removing

      • John Faunsworth said:

        Thank you for your reply. I have followed this site a long time and always looked forward to the good sites. The owner of coinchat (and it’s moderators) don’t seem to get what bitcoin is about. I use another IRC bitcoin chat where a lot of the old coinvisitor users still congregate. Lot’s of fun and almost exactly like CV chat.
        Hope you have a wonderful day!

      • qaide said:

        Right on. I thought I had noticed your name from way back. I miss the old coinvisitor chat too, when the site was down that place would be filling up.

      • John Faunsworth said:

        Sorry if I am spamming this spot up (to page moderator) but qaide if you miss coinvisitor and want to come to our friendly chat here goes: coinpr0n.com It IS an adult community, so some NSFW stuff is there but most users are the original coinvisitor people. Our bot allows tipping and random rewards of mBTC’s so please come visit us sometime!

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