Update: Earn Coin Chatting with a lively Community of renegade CoinVisitor survivors. – Coinpr0n

Mrs. W here again.

Of course the easiest way to earn bitcoins is  using faucets  in my opinion. I work as a nanny (taking care of a 1 year old) and it’s easy to just plug in my bitcoin address and go back to play with her and such.  I will give a brief description on the best ones I have found.

BitVisitBRAND NEW LINK – View / review sites to earn Bitcoin. SO EASY to earn, and you play Tic-Tac-Toe instead of Captchas to verify!

Abitback – Ive probably added HALF A BITCOIN to my wallet just from this site alone. I highly recommend it! Offers Bitcoin just for listening to the Radio. There are tons of surveys that pay cash and bitcoin, and the site pays extremely fast. There are monthly contests to earn up to .015 BTC.

Bitvisitor– Probably one of the most easier and popular sites to earn bitcoins.  All you really have to do is to enter your wallet address , and spend 5 mins viewing a webpage and then go onto the next one.  You can minimize the page and work on other things and go back to it. Payment is sent every 100 uBTC.

EarnFreebitcoins– Is very similar to bitvistor. You enter your wallet address and visit  webpage, instead of waiting 5 minutes as with bitvistior, you just have to wait 3 minutes. Once again you can open the webpage and minimize it and keep working other things.

Bitcoin4You– Another easy to use 3 minutes per webpage. Easy breezy way to earn bitcoins.

Coinflow – BRAND NEW LINK – Track prices of Bitcoin stocks from a variety of exchanges. (I prefer to use the Havelock exchange personally, but you can also get prices from BTC-TC, and Bitfunder and MPEx ).

The little one is waking up. I have a lot more information to update with. Found some new websites and will check them out and give information about them!

  1. John C. said:

    Yeah, I use to try and find all kinds of coin faucets to get bitcoins because I didn’t have a bank to use to hook up to an exchange and just buy the coins. I got lucky and found http://www.btc2cash.net and come to find out they are an awesome company that processes MoneyPaks for Bitcoins instantly! I spent the time I tried getting little satoshi’s on faucets and just earned real fiat money and then bought a MoneyPak and got a whoie lot more coin for my time. haha.

  2. Jordan said:

    What about http://bitcoinreviewer.com/

    They have the best real and accurate reviews for Bitcoin gambling sites (like dice, poker) etc. It’s a great resource for Bitcoin users who look for trustworthy sites to gamble on.

    You could add it in your next post. Loving your blog!

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