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NEWEST UDPATE: Specoin is giving away .05 BTC. Not sure how long this will last.
ABitBack – Has increased point value by 200%, Paying out Daily in BTC.

New free site CakeBet is giving away 1000 Satoshis (.00001 BTC) to all visitors.

I’ve got 100 Mazacoin I want to give away, please leave suggestions for contests in comments.
New Info and New Faucets below.

I know, its been way too long. I know, the roller-coaster has been way up and way down. As for me, I am still in the long process of moving to a new city and being without my dearly beloved Mrs. W for days on end. I hope the rest of you are enjoying the crypto-revolution. Can you believe where we are now compared to this time last year. Bitcoin was “officially” dead after dropping from $260 to $50. Ok, enough ranting. I have some new links for you all! Please consider donating to this blog in BTC or preferably Doge.

BTC – 1AnsDLKESmxJxygVihdVgUGZLSrKUsWhj7

Doge – D7SaSRJ9cSi7TuuhDzYcS6YJDrjQT2GxVE


The Top 10 BEST Bitcoin Sites for Earning:

BitVisitor #1 – Good sites shown with good payouts. You can find a lot of resources through the pages shown. 5:00 minute average time per page. This is the #1 link because of the number of pages you can visit. Current High Payout is around 30uBTC

ABitBack #– Complete Surveys (I did a 5 minute one on beer that paid .0047BTC), Watch Videos for very decent amounts of Bitcoin. Payout in BTC, Steam, Amazon, etc. A phone number may be required for verification. In my opinion, pays out large amounts of Bitcoin more reliably than any other. I have no doubt I’ve made far over 1BTC at this place. Litecoin Too! Currently paying out best in Vouchers for BTC at BTC-E.

EarnFreeBit #3 – Easy to use and straight forward. It pays quickly after you view the webpage, so definitely check this one out. . This often gets up to a #1 spot when it carries a lot of ads. When it does, I try to hard to let you all know. Has tons of ads, and you can spend hours trying to get through them all! You’ll probably notice me in there, or you might be coming from there. My buddy Commander R. in Canada runs this site, and has been one of the most consistant sources of new users of Bitcoin in the last year. Truly a founding father, as many people got their first BTC from him.

QoinPro #4 – This site is absolutely amazing. While the BTC reward has been negligible (15000 Satoshi), I have earned over 6000 Fedora Coin and tons of other currencies that increase so much I cannot count!

CoinReaper #5 – This site’s best feature, and thus it’s reason for #5, is the fast speed with which you can blaze through many of the sites listed below. Beware, NSFW stuff could appear. It works pretty well. No real complaints, but may soon be overtaken by #6

LandofBitcoin #6 – This relatively new kid is a great hub for faucets and other earning options. Plus the faucet is simple, just click it every few minutes and a 2 letter captcha. Boom 100+ Satoshis. Hat-Tip to Phil, a long time friend of the blog!

BitCoinGet #7 – Has an embedded version of CoinTube that tracks your earnings, plus survey and simple webwork. The webwork is kind of us wash, but it is Crowdflower and it is better than surveys in my opinion. Sometimes, you can find easy ones that pay great. But most are a pain in the ass. Some NSFW webwork is sometimes available too, if that’s your thing.

CoinController #8- Massive return for almost no risk. If you don’t mind a small gamble of 1%, you can earn 12.5% immediately on investment for temporary Ad Space. This site is brand new, about 4 days old from post. I’ve made about .03 since I started, and that’s excluding gambling! Also features a chatroom that has been known to pay for chatting! If that version doesn’t work, check out CoinPr0n Chat, filled with veterans of the old CoinVisitor rooms.

HoneyBitcoin #9 – This is a new view pages for Bitcoin site, similar to #1, The payouts are less, but it sometimes has a decent variety of ads. The site is in spanish, but if you use Google Chrome like I do, it auto translates most of the relevant text.

BitcoinClix #10 – Brand new to the list, has high payouts of .00001 per page view. Not sure how long this one will be in the top 10.

Good, In sorta descending order. All Links OK!

CoinURL – Great if you want to advertise your site, or earn a little BTC for your blog. This is a constant stream of income for this blog.

The AllCoin Faucet – This site is noteworthy because of its decent payout and the fact that you can withdraw in either Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Litecoiner – Pays in LTC, gives a daily multiplier!

BitBucks – If you have patience and can do offers, this site can make you TONS of coin. Back in May I cleared around .4 BTC with this place.

BitcoinSurvey – A Survey site that claims tons of BTC to offer. These aren’t my favorites, I much more fond of the webpage based earning. But still, I know how much a lot of you like these.

CoinofMidas. Pay for Clicks. Check it out. Thanks to Phil for the tip. Hasn’t paid out for me in a long time.

Senor Bitcoin – New (and Funny) Faucet in mixed english and spanish. Not yet paid out for me, but probably worth a visit by you.

Virtual Faucet – Pays out every 30 minutes and doesn’t bombard you with ads. Simple, easy, and efficient.

BitVisit – Advertise and Visit sites for BTC!

FreeBTCpt – I’m pretty sure this was linked in earlier blog posts, but I cant seem to find it now. So, I am reposting it as a new link since many of you haven’t seen it.

CanHasBitcoin? – A particularly memeish faucet.

CoinTapper – An App for Android devices that gives you bitcoin once per day. Not yet paid out, but perhaps someone else can confirm for me.

BitcoinAR – A new faucet, either weekly or multi-day.Still looking for comments on this.

BitcoinSurvey – A new Survey site. These aren’t my favorites, I much more fond of the webpages. But still, I know how much a lot of you like these.

Bitbiz – A daily faucet. I haven’t yet verified but I know everyone loves to test them. 🙂

Karma Exchange – Exchange your Reddit Karma for Bitcoin, .002 + your Karma score. Or some calculation roughly there abouts.

Bitdonator – A new Faucet. Not yet paid out for me. Good Luck!

Bitcoin4You – WARNING – Some users reporting issues. This can be kind of hit or miss, but pays everyday. Beware, as it will give you some NSFW content. Usually has a fair number of pages per day. 3:00 minute average time per page.

FreeBitcoins4Me  – Once per day punch in, Pays out multiple days at once.

BitCoiner – You only get a Once per Day payout, but the timer is reasonably accurate. Wham, Bam, Here’s Your Bitcoin, Ma’am

iWantFreeBitcoins – Once per day bitcoin faucet. Get your name on enough of these, and it starts to add up fast.

BitHits – Once per Day, free Bitcoin faucet. Also has good links to other sites. As far as 1/day faucets go, this one is worth that daily trip.

FreeCoins  – A new site with a faucet type pay out. Not yet confirmed payouts for me, if anyone else has gotten confirmed, please drop a comment with proof and ill donate.

CoinAd – Ad supported, Once per Day payout. You can register for an hourly prize plus jump in on the Chat room, a good spot for up-to-the minute BTC news. You can get some fast paying survey work that pays pretty well.  – Somehow I forgot to bookmark this link, but it should have been with the first post. You can recieve EXTRA credits for free on Peerbet.

CoinTube – Watch videos, earn small amounts of BTC. Thankfully, the mute button works great. Usually plenty of videos to watch.

Bitstreet Faucet – Not yet tested, but discovered and wanted to get it out there. Any user feedback would be generously appreciated.

FreeDigitalMoney – Another Faucet, but with confirmed payouts. Highly recommended.

ElBitcoinGratis  – En Español. El Bitcoins, Bitcoins de forma gratuita, todos los días. Bitcoins for free, once per day. 

BitcoinBunnyRun – Once per Day, pick your bunny and hope for the best. I never get above 3rd.

BitCrate – Break the crates for BTC. Unfortunately, this often times runs out of Bitcoin quickly, but they have a Twitter account you can follow that updates you when it is loaded.

HartCode – Vote on computer wallpapers, get paid in Bitcoin. Not yet paid out for me, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try!

Rugutu – Ask Questions, Answer Questions. Get paid in Bitcoin. Great community.

Minecraft Faucet –  Get Paid to play minecraft. Any user reviews would be appreciated.

Jobs4Bitcoins – Subreddit for turning your skills into BTC.

Bitcoin Trivia – I had forgotten about this site for a long time, as of post it is down but I do have high hopes for the Admin, who has been responsive in the past with communication. Please go take a look and send any feedback here or there. I was a Trivia God in my younger days, so a site like this is really exciting to me.

BitcoinForest – enter you Bitcoin address, complete the captcha and earn free Bitcoins, you can earn more free Bitcoins for completing surveys. Down for Maintainence, but site still looks to be coming up. – bitcoins that grows on trees once per day. – payout is once per week, enter your bitcoin address every hour.

Nioctbi – a nice faucet site designed with information and filled with tutorials for beginners.

OmniCoins – This one requires Facebook. Go to their page on Facebook, post your address. Acquire Bitcoin. I don’t use Facebook so cannot comment.


QZ Price – This is a price page that gives a weighted value to the current price of Bitcoin.
Every 15 minutes, it looks at bitcoin’s current value on 31 actively traded currency markets and calculates a weighted average based on the market’s volume since midnight GMT.

TheFuckingBitcoin – Despite it’s rather crude name, it is a humorous source of current prices. Recently resurrected from the dead list!

Blockchain – is the go to source for verifying blocks, and also houses a great wallet. The wallet is useful because it shows the current conversion rate of your fiat (paper) currency.

BitStamp – A service simliar to Mt. Gox, which allows for Fiat <–> Bitcoin transactions. Good for US Dollar priced Coins.

RTBTC Chart – A testbed for the coming data services platform from Real Time Bitcoin Data Services. Bear in mind, if Mt. Gox is under attack, it ain’t all that useful.

BitFash – Mrs. W. was very glad to see this site pop onto the web. Forever21 is one of her favorite places to spend Mr. W.’s cash. Now she can spend his Bitcoin too! – A great reference site with charts that delights my inner nerd. Maybe yours too.

BTC Mining Calc. – A great tool for miners to calculate expected returns and time investments.

Google Drive Wallet – A nifty tool for keeping track of your balances. Export your own copy.

BitMit – Ebay for Bitcoins. Tons of stuff posted. Very easy to use site. Currently being sold, so something awesome might be coming up soon.

Slush’s Bitcoin Mining Pool – There are tons of pools, but Slush’s is well known and popular. Distributed Bitcoin Mining, with income based on shares.

Deepbit Mining Pool – Much like Slush’s, but presented for some modicum of fairness. Like I said above, plenty of pools to be found.

Havelock Investments – Invest your hard earned bitcoin. Buy shares of mining pools, or even Satoshi.

Zerohedge  – One of the best sites on the web for Bitcoin news and analysis. Great general economic and political news. Beware the comments, it is straight Fight Club up in there. Even I get up in the ring.

BitVegas – Gambling isn’t really my thing, but Minecraft is. Minimum bet is .001BTC, but I don’t have much experience with it. Anyone with a good user review can earn a donation.

Preev – A quick, fast bitcoin converter. Loads fast and easy to change to your currency of choice.

BitcoinLive  – A sweet  Google Chrome extension that gives you an icon on browser to view the page, and can be set up to give you notification of price changes.

Reddit: Bitcoin – The world’s greatest internet forum for all things Bitcoin. If you aren’t on Reddit, then your 2 days behind everything.

Bitcoin National Subreddits – A nifty and updated list of the countries with their own subreddits for Bitcoin. Useful for talking with your neighbors, and of course spreading the word about your favorite blog.

Mt. Gox – The worlds most popular marketplace for Bitcoin. Great for charts, current prices, etc.

BitBin  – A convienent place to post your pastes, and earn Bitcoin for your content.

Quick Coin Lookup – It’s like a mini-facebook page for your BTC address!

Tealet – Buy tea with Bitcoin from families with centuries of cultivation experience. I am a satisfied customer.

FiatLeak – Watch fiat turn into Bitcoin across the world

Jagoo  – Supposedly, you can buy bitcoin giftcards for redemption on other sites. Anyone with proof of this sites reputability will get a donation from me.

SatoshiCircle – Gambling site that does give aways all the time on Reddit. Check them out here

Danish Bitcoin /r/ – New Subreddit for Danish Bitcoin users. I get a fair number of visitors from Denmark, so I wanted to post this. Be sure to give me a shout-out for me there.

Games for Bitcoin /r/ – Subreddit for buying Steam Accounts, WoW Accounts, Eve stuff. (Why have a game harder than your job? Why?)

USER CONTRIBUTED – New microfaucet with few ads. Thx Admin. – Pays out .00001/Day with almost no ads – Pays out Unknown with TONS of ads – A neat infographic about Bitcoin. Thx Juliet.!/faucet – 0.5 µBTC per dispense and it has a 10% referral program. Thx Jacce. – pays out 0.5-10 µBTC (averages around 2 µBTC) per dispense. This faucet has a 5% referral program. Thx Jacce. – Still in development, but aims to be a city based digital treasure hunts. Thx Mauro. – Need to buy a small bar in a foreign country? How about a priceless work of art from antiquity? You can buy both here, with bitcoin. – beautiful gambling site with great affiliate opportunities to earn. Thx Sean. – another gambling site with great affiliate opportunities. Thx Jessica. – Farce is the paragon of humor. – Surveys that payout large amounts of BTC. Quick Admin response. – A great resource for crypto-traders.

GiftHulk – Contributed by Jasoneric – Said to give out Bitcoins!

BitcoinReviewer – Contributed by Jordan – Gives reviews on BTC Gambling sites

BTC2Cash – Contributed by John C. – Turns BTC in MoneyPaks

SnipeBit – Contributed by the Site – BTC Raffle

BitcoinSpigot – Contributed by Domus – Faucet

BTC Easy – Contributed by xthxth – Good Spanish Language Blog with Links!

CoinWorker – Contributed by Phil – Tasks and Surveys for BTC  Contributed by laslas – Faucet!  Contributed by laslas – Faucet!  Contributed by laslas – Faucet! – Contributed by laslas – Faucet! – Contributed by laslas – Faucet! – Contributed by laslas – Faucet! – Contributed by laslas – Faucet! – Contributed by laslas – Faucet! – Contributed by laslas – Faucet! – Contributed by laslas – Faucet! – Contributed by laslas – Faucet!


CoinVisitor#4 – A great site, one that has a captcha you can do without using a kepyboard! Plus, the nice dark theme fits right in for night owls. This should have been up here sooner. Also, Chatroom! God I miss this site.

PeerbetFaucet – New Faucet with simple and standard setup. Insert Address, Answer Captcha, Acquire Bitcoins. Not yet paid out for me. Dead

BitSprinkle – Is a twitter account that has been known to be very generous with his Bitcoin. You should go makes friends. You can follow Me too if you want. Dead since May

ListentoBitcoin – Words cannot describe the utility of this site. Both interesting and delightful. Deleated out of an abundance of caution. Virus issues.

Papercoin –  This site is giving away .0007 bitcoins on Mt. Gox. Be careful about putting your bitcoins in a QR though, just fair warning. Dead

Bitcoin Addict – New daily faucet with large jackpots of .01 BTC. Worth a visit of time. Dead, Warning Page!

Bit Raffle – A raffle for bitcoin. I can’t really recommend this, but it might be your thing. Let us know how it turns out. Dead


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    Free Gifthulk Codes
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