Sorry, not yet. 😦

  1. jules brown said:

    Hi and thank you for the service you provide.

    There are 2 sites on here that are not paying out at all and they are rated in the top tier:

    At bitcoin4you I had 189 000 points accumulated even before Instawallet shut down. You say that they are paying out daily, but it took me more than a week to accumulate those points without a payout

    I wrote to them asking about it several days ago. No answer. Then I opened a new wallet with a zero balance and earned another 35 000 points since then from them, now going on a week and still no payout.

    Also since I opened the new wallet, with a zero balance, I had earned about 40 000 points from and I asked for a payout. It said I would get it in a day, but it has been a week or so with them also and no payouts.

    These two might have been ok originally, but why would one visit these sites and look at their ads if there are no payouts. As it is they are a scam unless someone can provide an explanation.

    It looks like they are pocketing the money that the advertisers are paying to them and the saps are visiting these sites thinking they will get paid, but not so.

    You should remove those sites from your recommended list.


  2. Jason said:

    Thanks for a great page with lots of info and useful links!
    Thanks for the contests! Especially because I won 😀

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