Happy Saturnaila! (and other assorted winter holidays)



I wanted to drop a quick line to all the readers. As bitcoin has re-re-crossed $1000. Cryptocurrency is rapidly changing the ways we think about money. Check out our friends at www.terrahash.io for great deals on cloud-hosted mining. Much Love

– Mr W.

Warm tidings from the Ws. I expect to fill this post out with a heavy reorder of the top 10 as I get some time off from my new job in investments. These last few months have been some of the best of my life. Even the price action of our favorite crypto-currency gives me great happiness. To think of the amazing growth this year as people realize they don’t have to let corrupt government figures oversee the entire concept of money is a dream come true. I remember when I first heard about bitcoin, only a few short days, I think, after Satoshi released the white paper. I remember thinking that if it could happen, the gift it would give to humanity was worth far more than any fortune I might make in the process. Certainly, no fortune has been made as I’ve never owned more than 5BTC total, and currently own significantly less after Asicminer losses. Nevertheless, I consider myself a very rich man. I have a loving wife and family. Wonderful hobbies and talents, a steady job and even a Lexus (albeit 18 years old). I also have all of you, my wonderful and faithful readers. It is to you thank I give the warmest wishes for whatever holiday you celebrate as the year draws to a close. My deepest thanks and love to you all.

Bitcoin Blizzard – A NEW collection of Faucets with other tools for earning.

Stock Twits – Wonderful resource to get cutting edge information on BTC price action.

BTC Adshare – I am super proud to promote this site. It has a great concept and the Admin has proven to be responsive to pushing out new features. http://www.bitcoinadshare.com/

Ounce Me – Not that you need another place to find the price, but I present it none-the-less. I am particularly pleased by the “pizza price,” relating to the first known bitcoin purchase

BitBillions – I haven’t had much time to review this site, but it promises amazing returns for those with the time to put in. Invitation only to join, and I offer it to you.

ZeroBlock –  Like Zerohedge, but for Bitcoin. Love this site and I check it frequently

Where’s Your Edge – An absolutely awesome Poker site that includes BTC and LTC support, rewards, and tournaments!

Bitsmoke – Shop for awesome tobacco only [ honest guys 🙂 ] smoking accessories

Cosforia – Buy awesome cosplay outfits with Bitcoin. Not my thing personally, but love to see people rocking the them.

More Links throughout the Holiday Week!

  1. Phil said:

    There seems to be some hacking issues on http://www.redcoins.co/ : I should have at 1.5 uBtc but it got removed! So I suggest using caution!


  2. bitcoinula said:

    Please check out this if you want to earn bitcoins from faucets. I made it a bit easier with an all in one faucet surfer here – http://bitcoinsurfer.bitcoinula.com/

    Also add a page listing all bitcoin faucets loaded with option to help report on their status by submitting info and also a place to submit any new faucets not listed. I also tried to group the faucets by time and some by microwallet type.

  3. I have a similar post (link attached) Im trying to grow a huge list of places to cash out bitcoins. Overstock is done, lets get amazon!

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