What is Bitcoin?

I would suggest you take a look here. I think it will answer many questions that the average person would have. Also, this wonderful infographic may prove useful.

Is Bitcoin a Ponzi Scheme?

The answer is a definitive no. Best explained by /u/DeonTain on Reddit.

 a ponzi scheme involves a scammer claiming to have secret investing techniques that will make a great deal of profit.

With Bitcoin every detail of how the system works is publicly available information since the software is open source. Further more there is no promise of profit.

Bitcoins price is determined by market forces alone. If more people want to buy than want to sell prices go up until less want to buy or more want to sell. If more want to sell the price goes down.

Ads? Really?!?

Unfortunately, my career as a male prostitute has yet to reach lucrative levels. Thus, I must toil in daily labor of even less honest income.  I also spend a lot of my free time keeping track of Bitcoin. Earning a little bit while sharing my discoveries keeps me motivated. This blog started as a place for me to keep all my links.  A don’t like ads, and I rarely add new ones. Nevertheless, it is a long term goal for this blog to get hosting and our own domain. Want to help? Head over here! Once we get to a hosted site, all the interstitial ads will be gone.

Dude, Seriously? What’s with the theme?

I try to keep to things pretty simple for both our sakes. RED usually means something new, I highlight it to give it emphasis. I also use it for warnings. BLUE is a recommended link, either one of the top ranked websites for free bitcoin, or something of note that I think is worth recommending. Consider it to be the seal of approval, but see the disclaimer below. 


I am not responsible for anything, ever.

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